IndustrialCraft2 API
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ic2.api.crops.BaseSeedBase agriculture seed is a simple adapter to provide an ic2 energy sink is a simple adapter to provide an ic2 energy source
ic2.api.crops.CropCardBase agriculture crop
ic2.api.crops.CropsGeneral management of the crop system
ic2.api.DirectionRepresents the 6 possible directions along the axis of a block
ic2.api.item.ElectricItemAllows for charging, discharging and using electric items (IElectricItem) access to the energy network class for energy net events, don't use it directly announcing new energy tiles announcing terminated energy tiles
ic2.api.tile.ExplosionWhitelistBlocks on this whitelist will not resist an explosion but won't be destroyed
ic2.api.recipe.ICraftingRecipeManagerRecipe manager interface for crafting recipes
ic2.api.crops.ICropTileInterface implemented by the crop tile entity
ic2.api.item.ICustomElectricItemProvides the ability to store energy on the implementing item
ic2.api.item.IDebuggableAllows a tile entity to output a debug message when the debugItem is used on it
ic2.api.item.IElectricItemProvides the ability to store energy on the implementing item
ic2.api.item.IElectricItemManagerThis interface specifies a manager to handle the various tasks for electric items internal/multi-block usage only entities which conduct energy pulses without buffering (mostly cables) have to implement this interface internal/multi-block usage only representing the methods provided by the global EnergyNet class a tile entity (mostly a machine) to receive energy a tile entity (mostly a generator) to emit energy
ic2.api.tile.IEnergyStorageInterface implemented by the tile entity of energy storage blocks internal usage only, base class for all energy tiles
ic2.api.recipe.IListRecipeManagerRecipe manager interface for basic lists
ic2.api.recipe.IMachineRecipeManagerRecipe manager interface for basic machines for grouping multi-block structures to a single energy net delegate
ic2.api.item.IMetalArmorArmor items implementing this can be considered metal armor a tile entity to receive network events received from clients entities which want to synchronized specific fields between client and server have to implement this an item to receive network events received from the server a tile entity to receive network events received from the server a tile entity to receive field sync updates received from the server
ic2.api.reactor.IReactorInterface implemented by the tile entity of nuclear reactors
ic2.api.reactor.IReactorChamberInterface implemented by the reactor chamber tile entity
ic2.api.reactor.IReactorComponentDesign custom Reactor components by implementing this Interface Items implementing the interface will not be ejected from Reactors in their clean-up and can/will be interacted with by other elements, f.e
ic2.api.item.ItemsProvides access to IC2 blocks and items
ic2.api.item.ItemWrapperWrapper for inserting interfaces into items you don't own
ic2.api.item.ITerraformingBPAllows an item to act as a terraformer blueprint
ic2.api.tile.IWrenchableAllows a tile entity to make use of the wrench's removal and rotation functions
ic2.api.event.LaserEventA bunch of Events to handle the power of the Mining Laser methods to initiate events and synchronize tile entity fields in SMP
ic2.api.recipe.RecipesGeneral recipe registry
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